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Jenny's Journal

i Love u all who are viewing this xoxo

2 August
I'm Hott i like to watch tv and i'm a yankees fan GO YANKS!!! i'm a girl i sing and write songs and i also play electric guitar i love it i take lessons they are so much fun
aaron carter, acoustic guitar, addison groove project, alice in chains, ashanti, ashlee simpson, backstreet boys, bands, baseball, basketball, bbmak, ben mckenzie, billie joe armstrong, billy martin, bizzare, blink 182, boys, britney spears, brooksie, cars, casio, cd's, celebrities, chad micheal murray, chandler bing, chords, chorus, chris kirkpatrick, church on sunday, clay aiken, clinton portis, computers, cory stillman, d12, denver broncos, derek jeter, drawing, electric guitar, eminem, er, everybody loves raymond, fefe dobson, football, frank barone, frankie j, friends, full house, george clooney, girl scouts, going out, good charlotte, green day, guitar lessons, guitar strings, gym, hbo, hilary duff, hockey, j kwon, jack mccoy, jake plummer, jc chasez, jennifer lopez, jess, jessica simpson, joey fatone, jojo, justin timberlake, karaoke, kerplunk, kevin, kevin little, keyboard, kobe bryant, kon artis, korn, kuniva, lance bass, law&order, lil jon, linkin park, ll cool j, lyrics, marie barone, mario winans, matt leblanc, matthew perry, metallica, micheal j fox, micheal jackson, microphone, mike dirnt, misery, music, music videos, my guitar teacher, my so called life, my voice teacher, nachos, nascar, nelly, new york yankees, nimrod, no secrets, nsync, one tree hill, parties, performing, pop, proof, ray barone, ray ramano, robert barone, rock, rod smith, ross geller, secret window, sheet music, simple plan, singing, soccer, songwriting, sports, st.lunatics, superman, swifty, thats so raven, the used, tom, tre cool, vocals, voice, voice lessons, volleyball, warning, washington redskins, xbox, yellowcard